Backcountry Explained

Slackcountry and Backcountry are OK but “Out of Bounds” or “Closed” is simply off limits.

The biggest question these days with travel insurance is whether backcountry skiing and snowboarding is covered. With TuGo insurance, the Adventure Sports Rider will cover you for both Slackcountry and Backcountry but never for “Out of Bounds” usually marked by “Temporary or Permanently Closed” signs due to unsafe conditions such as avalanche danger and cliffs.

Slackcountry is defined as easy to reach, off-piste riding within the Ski Area Boundary or slightly beyond but may have ropes and warnings for expert riders only and is not closed or “Out of Bounds”

Backcountry is defined as intently touring outside the “Ski Area Boundary” and requires avalanche training, safety and survival equipment such as a beacon, probe, shovel and ideally a partner. Backcountry is further defined as a “mountain area that is not marked, not patrolled and/or not cleared for avalanche dangers, but where public access is permitted.”

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“Out of Bounds” or “Closed” areas on the other hand are NOT covered and can further be defined as: “any mountain area that:  Has been closed off to public access; or, has been identified as “Out-of-bounds” and/or can typically only be accessed by crossing a fenced, gated or roped-off area that has been marked as “Closed” according to recommendations of safety authorities in the area”  Usually these area are clearly marked in red signage with the attached risk of losing your pass privileges.

Whether your planning to slack million-dollar ridge or go well beyond the “Ski Area Boundary” and tour Decker Lake, you’re safest best is to READ the signs, be prepared and play safe!

Courtesy of Jody Wright, Owner of BC & Whistler Travel Insurance

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