Insurance for Canadian Students

Studying abroad

Are you planning on studying internationally? From a campus flu outbreak to a dental emergency, anything can happen. Getting sick or injured away from the comforts of home can be especially stressful, so you’ll want to know you’re taken care. That’s where our travel insurance for students comes in.

Medical and dental treatments are expensive in Canada and international students often can’t get provincial healthcare. That means if you experience an emergency, you’ll be responsible to pay for any medical care costs while you’re here.

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What are my coverage options?

Hospital / Medical Insurance

Our Student Insurance has been tailored to your needs. While it includes important benefits like medical and dental treatment, it also has a number of benefits that go above and beyond emergency medical. So whether you need to get your wisdom teeth pulled, your eyes examined or tutoring services due to hospitalization, you’ll be protected!

  • Annual general check-up with a doctor (when you’ve purchased a 365-day policy)

  • Non-emergency treatment, directly resulting from a medical emergency

  • Pre-natal care

  • Impacted wisdom teeth

  • Psychiatric/psychological services

  • Annual eye examination

  • Prescription glasses/ contact lenses/ hearing aids

  • Tutorial services when hospitalized for 30 consecutive days or more