Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is further defined by biking down mountain trails or rough mountain terrain (whether as part of a race or not), and often features jumps, drops, rock gardens or other obstacles. If often require the use of mechanical lifts.

What kind of travel insurance do I need?

You will need the Adventure Sports Rider to be covered for this activity.

What if I’m injured while biking in the back-country or stuck on a remote mountain slope?

Say you’re planning a cross country mountain biking trip: We cover helicopter and ground ambulance, and we even cover back-country skiers and mountain climbers. As with all back-country activities, knowing that you’re injured and need helicopter or emergency transportation makes a big difference on your trip. Be prepared though with a GPS, SOS beacon, maps and inform someone of your itinerary in advance.

What about bike competitions?

If you’re participating in a biking event with prize money, you’re considered a professional, and most travel insurance policies will not cover your costs in the event on an injury.  However, TuGo (The insurance provider of choice for BC Travel Insurance) will cover you for downhill mountain biking (as a part of a race or not) if you buy Adventure Sports Optional Coverage.